Here’s to tomorrow…

I’m guessing there will never have been a year to which so many people will be so happy to bid farewell.

And while my experience of it has been different to yours, yours and yours, I’m sure we can agree that a less challenging set of circumstances next year would be nicer.

Of course just because we’re bidding farewell to 2020 doesn’t mean we can do the same to the virus. Just as it doesn’t respect borders, it doesn’t respect calendars, and we can’t draw a line under it tonight at midnight, as much as we may wish to. Indeed January looks like it will be as challenging a month in this regard as we have had in this country so far.

However there are reasons to be hopeful for 2021.

Just as there were reasons to be hopeful for 2020 this time last year. You can always find a reason to hope, if you try hard enough.

But hopes may be dashed, especially if they are outside of your control, and since not being hopeful isn’t the answer either, maybe try focusing on things you can control. It usually bring more satisfaction and fulfilment.

Things like playing music. Singing. Writing songs. Creating. Doing all this with others. Bringing people together. Giving genuine compliments. Giving opportunities to others. Making your corner of the world a nicer place to be than it was last year.

Because while this year has been tragic, frustrating, heartbreaking and life-altering, if you look hard enough you will find positives. Seeds have been sown. Relationships are stronger. Perspectives are more balanced. And you don’t have to look hard at all to find the beauty in our part of the world.

So here’s to tomorrow. Because while it’s nice to look ahead and make plans for the year, in reality real change happens with day-to-day actions, not by making plans. And while tomorrow is as good a time to start as any, it won’t mean much unless you keep going. On the other hand, just because tomorrow is New Year’s Day doesn’t mean that new resolutions, habits and projects can’t begin on any other day of the year.

So good luck with it. Whatever it is. I look forward to hearing about it. And thanks for reading and being an important part of my year.

One plug before I turn the computer off for the last time in 2020 – go ahead and have a listen to the two-part end-of-year special of In The Lamplight – it goes behind the scenes of what can happen when a large group of committed, determined and creative people get together to make something happen.