Sunday Music #9

There has been a lot of talk around this version of The Saw Doctors famous hit – N17 – over the last few weeks. And justifiably so – it’s imaginatively done – and most importantly it’s believable.

I heard Leo Moran on RTE’s Arena show recently. He described the song as sweet and sour, and proceeded to tell the story of how the song turned out that way. He wrote the lyrics, which are quite sad in tone, but then when his songwriting partner Davy Carton got a hold of them, he turned the song on it’s head and gave it a more uplifting and lively beat – hence the mixture of moods that makes the song stand out.

However – if what you’re looking for is a soulful reimagining of a Saw Doctors hit, for me it’s hard to beat this Sarah Crummy version of To Win Just Once.