Summer in Dublin

An Irish classic or completely overplayed – depends on who you talk to I guess.

Written by Liam Reilly, who sadly passed away aged 65 earlier this year, it did a lot to establish his name and that of his band – Bagatelle – on the Irish music scene in the early 1980s.

Reilly said that the song came from a series of encounters he had one day in the city – he amalgamated them and out came the song.

It follows the well-worn but undeniably effective path of a minor verse followed by a major chorus, and is a favourite anthem among Irish and especially Dublin people all over the world.

Street names, place names, landmarks, even bus routes – the chorus cleverly contains them all, and hence connects with people who attach all sorts of memories to these places.

Here’s a version we put together last summer….

It’s the featured song this week on – you can learn to play the melody of the song here, or test your musical ear with 6 questions on the song here.