What you’re really working on…

I heard it said recently that you never really know what you’re working on.

So for example, when I thought I was training and playing football matches all through the 2000s, I was also working on friendships that would last way into the future.

And when I thought in 2019 that I was writing a solo piano piece, I was also writing something that would come to life in 2021 as a piano/violin duet.

And when I thought I was working on two virtual Theme Nights in 2020, I was also working on building trust with two people with whom I would soon collaborate on a podcast.

So work on. Because it’s leading you somewhere unknown and often exciting.

PS the two lads mentioned above interviewed me on our podcast this week, and the piano/violin duet in question was featured. It was the first time I had been interviewed by two people who knew me so well, so it was an interesting experience which got personal pretty quickly!

You can listen here.

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