The circle of generosity

When I was a student in Dublin I bumped into a man I knew from Sligo on a night out. He was probably around the age I am now, and I had got to know him the previous summer while working in a cafe in town. We got on well, and he not only bought me and my friends a round of drinks that night, but also gave me €50 and told me to buy the next round too.

I tried to object, saying that he was being too generous, but he stopped me and said the following, which I have remembered since.

‘There’s nothing wrong with accepting generosity, as long as a) you are thankful, and b), when you in turn can afford to be generous, that you are’.

I was reminded of this story during our chat with Saw Doctor Leo Moran on In The Lamplight this week. He spoke of their big break – a tour of the UK with The Waterboys, and how Mike Scott and the band were so generous to them – putting them on the catering list each night and giving them various gifts along the way, including their time and expertise.

Leo then spoke of when The Saw Doctors became big, and how they were always mindful of doing the same with the bands they brought on tour with them.

Speaking of Mike Scott, it was great to hear that he enjoyed Steve Wickham’s rendition of Saints and Angels on our recent show – ‘Not a Theme Night’ – a song he and Steve wrote together.

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