The last blog!

I remember a teenage summer where I spent a few weeks in French college. Kind of like the Gaeltacht, but in a boarding school, where the only language you were allowed to speak for three weeks was French.

You could receive letters in English though, and I remember sitting in the small gym of the school, waiting expectantly as the names of anyone who received a letter that day would be read out.

I guess in one way it was the equivalent of an Instagram ‘like’ for today’s teenagers. Proof of popularity in front of your peers. But in another way it was far more significant than that.

It was a letter. Time taken out of someone’s day to write something down. Physically. On paper.

Their news, thoughts, feelings. Some scandal from home. The local club football results maybe.

Far more meaningful than a like, so we got a lot fewer of them.

But they counted for more. They mattered.

And so in that spirit, I’m replacing this blog with a weekly letter. Sent from Sligo.

A letter delivered to your inbox, every Tuesday at lunchtime. Starting tomorrow.

It’s called ‘The Piano Has Been Thinking’, and it will be similar in tone and content to this blog. Just not quite as regular and structured differently. Like the blog, it won’t be too long, and will contain everything you need to know about my own music, Theme Nights, Teenage Theme Nights, Piano With Kieran, In The Lamplight and upcoming gigs.

I’ll be doing my best to bring you honest content that will add value to your week, for example behind-the-scenes stories, rehearsal and performance videos, new ideas, and features on my hometown of Sligo and what makes it so special.

As a reader, you will be the first to hear about new shows, you will receive exclusive special offers, and get opportunities to buy tickets for shows before they go on general sale. 

I would also love to get to know more about you, and will be asking for your opinions and stories every so often.

Indeed if you ever feel like dropping me a line, with a question about learning piano, a favourite theme night memory, or just to say hello, please do. I love to hear from you and I will personally respond to every email.

Finally, if you are a subscriber to this blog, you will automatically receive the letters.

For anyone who isn’t, the letter will be advertised on social media, but if you want to get it at least a day before anyone else, and avoid the middle man altogether (!) you can sign up for it here.

The 800 or so blogs that are published on will still be available to read right where they are now – they aren’t going anywhere, so if you have any favourites from over the years don’t worry.

Otherwise I’ll be talking to you some Tuesday soon hopefully.