Twitter wit

There was a funny thread on Twitter a few months ago.

Firstly I saw a tweet from ‘Pomp’ (@APompliano). This was doing the rounds and at my last count had 12K retweets and 44K likes.

It read as follows…

The most successful people I’ve met:

  1. Read constantly
  2. Workout daily
  3. Are innately curious
  4. Have laser focus
  5. Believe in themselves
  6. Build incredible teams
  7. Admit they know very little
  8. Constantly work to improve
  9. Demand excellence in everything they do


Then a few days later I saw a reply from Kelly Cates (@KellyCates)…


Me – I like numbers 6, 7 and 8 in both tweets. You will like others.

It’s worth thinking about however…what does success look like for you?


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