Roald Dahl Audiobooks…

…are brilliant. And it’s not even the stories I’m talking about – there could be a whole other blog written on them. But the skill of the actors reading them is something to behold.


I recently heard Kate Winslet doing Matilda and Chris O’Dowd doing Fantastic Mr. Fox. And wow. The delivery of the lines, the changes of pace, the conviction behind each word – all incredible.

Most of all though – the voices and accents. Each book features a big cast of characters, and the actor reading the story has a different voice and accent for each. Their ability to be consistent with these but also to change quickly from one to the other is remarkable.

Now I have no idea if this is a difficult gig or an easy gig for them. A boring gig or a fun gig. I have no idea what mood they were in when they recorded them – whether they loved going to work that day or whether they just showed up for the cheque.

But it doesn’t matter. The end product is top notch.

The point is that they delivered. They did a great job.

Sometimes it pays to bring it back to basics. Do your job well. Start from there.



One thought on “Roald Dahl Audiobooks…

  1. I remember years ago at a management induction..a senior manager gave a pep talk…and he recognised that some of the new young managers were ambitious..he said there was no sure way to get promoted ..but one sure way not to was if you do
    not do a good job now

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